Council asks Government for cash to help flood recovery cost...but will not review sandbag policy

Aftermath of floods in Boston caused by a tidal surge.'Edwin Street.
Aftermath of floods in Boston caused by a tidal surge.'Edwin Street.

Council chiefs will ask the Government for ‘tens of thousands’ of pounds to help foot the bill for the flood recovery operation.

The borough council is yet to make a claim but leader Peter Bedford has had a conversation with local government minister Eric Pickles at 10 Downing Street about Boston’s flood, which hit the town on December 5.

Under normal rules the council could get 85 per cent of the money it spent over and above a figure of about £17,000.

A spokesman said that any money claimed would help cover the cost of paying for temporary accommodation, the clean-up operation and removal of flood-damaged property and supply of dehumidifiers.

Meanwhile the team who planned the response to the flood has confirmed there will not be a review of the policy towards sandbags.

Residents had asked for the council to change its policy of not supplying the bags in light of the flooding.

However, David Powell, head of emergency planning at Lincolnshire County Council said: “The flooding which took place in Boston was some of the worst we had seen in years.

“With such a large area of Boston affected, and with the potential for over 18,000 homes to be flooded, our main priority was to protect life and to keep people safe. This meant that a large part of our resource was spent on evacuation to ensure that families were kept safe and away from the flooded area.”

He added: “To deliver sandbags to these 18,000 homes, which would have only offered minimal respite from the flood water, would have been impossible. Therefore, I would really encourage people who live in a known flood risk area to be prepared for the possibility of flooding.”

Sign up to the Environment Agency’s Floodline service on 0845 988 1188.