Council leaders to suggest £30 green waste charge

Green waste
Green waste

A new annual charge of £30 is set to be introduced to anyone who wants their green waste collected by the council.

Boston Borough Council’s cabinet today (Wednesday) suggested that residents who want their green waste bins collected will have to pay the new charge, plus £15 per extra bin following a recent consultation.

Councillors and officers discussing the decision said it was a necessary charge if they wanted the service to continue, adding that ‘nobody wants to do it, but we have got no choice’.

Coun Stephen Woodliffe said: “If we want the service, we have to pay for it. I think it’s right that we pay for the service we use. If you live in a flat you might not have a brown bin so why should you have to pay for the service for others.”

To make the charge viable, councillors were told they would need an 86 per cent take up at £25 or a 76 per cent take-up at £30.

A recent survey filled in 1,461 times, saw 1,148 say the council should charge for the service against 164 saying stop the service - the two options given by the council.

Of the responses, 1,148 said they would pay £25, 558 said they would pay £30, 299 said they would pay £35 and 179 said they would pay £40 - however, respondents could tick multiple answers for this question.

During the consultation period though, it was revealed the online survey could be completed multiple times with more ease to replicate than a paper survey.

According to the council 15,500 households currently receive a garden waste collection, with 12,500 not taking up the service.

The recommendation to introduce the £30 annual charge with £15 per extra bin was voted for unanimously in cabinet today and will now be taken to Full Council.

The move also includes two extra collections - one at either end of the current refuse season.