Council looks to reassure and advise concerned residents over green burial site

The Boston Borough Council building.
The Boston Borough Council building.

Boston Borough Council has tried to offer guidance and reassurance to concerned residents about access to a private green burial site in Sutterton, following the announcement of the closure of the Thatched Cottage Restaurant.

The business has confirmed it is set to close tonight (Friday), facing an uncertain future, and several people have raised concerns over the natural burial site which is in a field near the rear of the site.

Because the site is privately-owned, the council has no direct control over it, however, said that access to the site via Pool Lane was a guaranteed condition of the planning permission.

It also addressed concerns that if someone wanted to change the use of the site, it would have to go to the council’s planning committee - which would look at its current use as a major issues.

Boston Borough Council’s portfolio holder with responsibility for cemeteries Coun Claire Rylott said: “Another member has made me aware of concerns by a worried resident.

“We understand these concerns, especially those who have loved ones buried there, but the borough council has no direct control over the burial site.

“However, the site could not have any other future use without the council being aware as any proposed changes would require an application.”

The permission given to the site also identified where its use should be confined and said no trees could be removed from the area.

Further guidance from the council pointed residents to controls such as the Registration of Burials Act, which requires all burial authorities to keep a register of burialsand the Ministry of Justice’s – Natural burial grounds – Guidance for Operators site:

The Association of Natural Burial Grounds has its own code of conduct to provide the public with the assurance of best practice and also acts as an independent monitor of such sites. For more information visit