Council publishes registration numbers in bid to shame bin lorry-blocking residents

The Municipal Buildings on West Street.
The Municipal Buildings on West Street.

Cars blocking the way for refuse collectors to collect bins on a Boston street has led to Boston Borough Council shaming vehicle owners by publishing their number plates today (Wednesday).

The council announced on its social media sites that there was ‘No bin collections in Horace Street, #Boston today as the following cars blocked the road’.

It then listed four number plates.

This is not the first time the council has taken to publicly pointing out issues on roads where bin men are persistently blocked , and has previously taken pictures of streets such as Rose Place.

A spokesman for the council: “The hope is that the car owners will recognise them and move them out of the way.”

They said the owners of the cars blocking the roads are not only causing issues for themselves, but for their neighbours too.

They explained that, due to the bin mens rounds being ‘finely tuned’ a delay at one point can cause issues.

This includes if bin men are forced to take to foot, move bins down to the end of the street and then return them, which if done could mean someone at the end of the day instead loses their collection.

Following the publication of the number plates on social media, another resident also pointed out that if bin men cannot get down a street this would also mean emergency services cannot access them, further highlighting safety concerns.