Council respond to cemetery criticism

THE borough council has responded to criticism of the tidyness of Boston Cemetery - by offering people a brush to clean their relatives headstones.

The council released the following statement after Boston Standard readers raised concerns over the state of the site.

It said: “Boston Cemetery and Crematorium is an important site for the Council and the people of Boston.

“We have three full time members of staff who work hard to maintain the grounds to the highest standards possible. This year has been particularly hard for us, the challenging weather has made grass cutting more difficult.

“We use strimmers around grave stones and if grass is wet and long before it is cut, it is unfortunately unavoidable that grass may splash onto some headstones.

“We will brush this off the memorials that are most visually affected; however, with over 10,000 memorials it would be difficult for our staff to clean all memorials.

“If anyone visits a memorial that is affected, we will be happy to provide a brush if people were willing to help out in the short term. It takes around a fortnight to cut all the grass in the cemetery, some sections will be maintained on a different day, so some areas will be longer than others at different times.

“We have a number of volunteers working with us to help meet the increasing standards expected and to ensure we provide a safe and pleasant environment for bereaved families and the people of Boston.”

For the full story and comments from our readers, see this week’s Boston Standard. Out now.