Councillors say Market Place work ‘enhances and clarifies’ space

Cars parked alongside planters in the Market Place on Monday
Cars parked alongside planters in the Market Place on Monday

Bollards and plant tubs are being installed in Boston Market Place this week to address concerns raised since it had a £2 million revamp.

The removable planters and bollards will be installed to ‘enhance and clarify’ parking areas and where pedestrians are supposed to walk.

Council booses say the move will also reserve a pedestrian space for more activities such as markets and exhibitions.

Coun Derek Richmond, Boston Borough Council’s portfolio holder for the town centre, said: “It has been appreciated by both the borough and county council that the public have had concerns over the Market Place.

“We have been working in partnership to find a way of altering the perception of this area. This may not be the final solution.

“As with all projects, there are always teething problems, but it is our hope that this will go some way to addressing concerns without detracting from the open aspect and shared use of the Market Place while maintaining the historic and heritage attractiveness, which was intended at the onset of this project.”

The street furniture will be removable so it can be adjusted to suit events such as the May Fair while keeping access for businesses.

Traders will have keys in order to be able to remove the bollards for deliveries.

Coun Richard Davies, Lincolnshire County Council’s executive councillor for highways and transportation, said: “The market place plays a very important part in the history of both Boston and Lincolnshire.

“It has always been popular with local residents and traders, and has been an asset to the town for more than 500 years now. This means that it is vital that we get this area running effectively for pedestrians, motorists, traders and visitors.

“I hope that these changes will fine tune this fantastic area and make a real difference to the people who use it.”