Counter-demo is planned for town

ANTI-facist campaigners are set to march in opposition of the planned immigration protest next month.

Opponents from groups including Unite Against Facism and several trade unions will parade through the town on the same day as the anti-immigration march.

Around 400 people have so far signed up to the counter-demonstration.

Volunteer organiser Sarah Walsh said: “It seems like a lot of people are only being given one side of the story by people who don’t understand that the migrant workers are absolutely necessary to our economy.

“They are not all people who are here on the make. They do not come to take money and take jobs away from people. I think it’s a win-win situation, yet nobody seems to be speaking up for them.

“We are not going to let people walk down the street and say the migrants are not welcome here when the majority are happy to have them here.”

Ms Walsh was keen to state that the march would be a peaceful demonstration, and the groups had no desire to clash with the immigration protest when both demonstrate on November 19.

The protest is due to start out at the park next to the Minstrels Care Home on Sleaford Road, before heading down towards West Street and towards Central Park or to the Herbert Ingram Memorial outside the Stump, depending on where the immigration protest is due to end.

Dean Everitt, who has organised the anti-immigration protest via social networking website Facebook, met with police and representatives of Boston Borough Council to set the route this week. He claims there are too many European migrant workers coming to Boston.

He said: “We have heard rumours that they are coming up here to protest. The last thing we want is to do is clash with anyone else’s protest. We are there for a peaceful protest.

“We are not against race, we are against immigration.”

Mr Everitt added that if it seemed likely there would be any violence he would cancel his protest march.