Counter demonstration to English Defence League march called off

Boston ENGEMN00120131208184944
Boston ENGEMN00120131208184944

A counter protest which had been planned against the English Defence League demonstration in Boston on Saturday has been cancelled.

A group called ‘Boston Against Hate and Racism’ had announced its plans for a ‘static protest’ in Central Park.

The group has been organised by 20-year-old Beth, who did not want her surname publishing, who is from Boston.

But a message posted on its Facebook Page confirmed the demonstration had been called off.

It read: “We are greatly saddened and apologetic to say we are cancelling our event. Please share as to inform others. Due to a mixture of circumstances we no longer feel this event simply represents the democratic alternative message of peace and positivity it was started as. It became uncontrollably about the counter march. It would be wrong and hypocritical to compromise this page’s true ethics to dampen or appease theirs.

“We fully intend to continue our page and passion as a community project. Hopefully this will grow to show our town for its good just as much. We are extremely sorry to let anyone down. And would like to say a massive thank you for the momentum and support this page has received. We ask you to please continue this with our future projects.”

Beth, who has completed voluntary work in the town, said she had been ‘sad to see the town segregated for a long time’.

She added: “Yeah, there’s problems but people are pretty tolerant overall. It’s just the bad apples that make a bad name for us. There’s a lot of really nice stories that haven’t been heard. I want people, who must feel segragated, to know there’s another voice out there.”