County council says sorry for siren noise

Flood Siren building, Horncastle Road, Boston.
Flood Siren building, Horncastle Road, Boston.

Council bosses have apologised after an old flood siren wrongly went off and woke people up across Boston early on Sunday morning.

The alarm, at a building in Horncastle Road, boomed out from about 3am until 8am, disturbing the weekend sleep of many residents.

The din sparked calls to the police, Environment Agency and councils, before it was eventually switched off by the property’s owner.

The building is now in private hands but the siren was an old Lincolnshire County Council flood warning device.

Council head of emergency planning David Powell said: “We’re extremely sorry for the alarm and disturbance caused by the incident. Unfortunately, we weren’t called until 7am. We moved to get the siren turned off as soon as possible.

“Lincolnshire County Council used to operate a number of flood warning sirens, including this one in Boston. We decided to decommission them as they were old and unreliable, and investigations suggest that the siren in Boston went off because of deterioration in the wiring.

“Because this particular building had been sold on a number of times, we were unable to track down the owner to arrange access to decommission the siren. It has now been switched off and we are working on permanently disabling it so this won’t happen again.”

Borough council officers and councillors joined the bid to end the noise after fielding a number of calls.

Reader Mary Baxter commented on our website: “We’re up at 4.30am every morning for work and Sundays is our only lie in. VERY FRUSTRATED! Think now we all should have Monday off with pay.”