Couple’s 60s years of marriage

Winnie and Tony Durrant of Boston celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. EMN-150107-170916001
Winnie and Tony Durrant of Boston celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. EMN-150107-170916001

A Boston husband and wife, who were living just doors away from each other before they first met, have celebrated 60 years of marriage.

Tony and Winifred Durrant, of Woad Farm Road, were married at Boston Register Office on June 25, 1955 – making last Thursday their diamond wedding anniversary.

Tony, 83, said it was ‘love at first sight’ when he met Winifred, a neighbour of his in Jubilee Avenue, Boston.

The pair met through Winifred’s brothers, with whom Tony worked on the land.

He said: “I just happened to go round the house one day and there she was and that was it.”

Winifred said she was also immediately struck by Tony, who before they had met had given two years’ service in the army in Egypt.

“He was like Clark Gable,” she said. “He was handsome –he still is. Everyone thinks he is marvellous for his age.”

The couple courted for four years before marrying, initially living in Jubilee Avenue.

They had planned to honeymoon in London after the wedding, but Tony was given a job offer at Boston Docks, where he would go on to work for 35 years.

He said: “I think we just went to Skegness for the day.”

The couple would later move to Woad Farm Road, where they have lived for 54 years.

They went on to have five daughters, and now have six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Of the secret to a successful marriage, Tony said: “We had arguments, but in a matter of minutes it’s finished with.”

Winifred added: “We have our little rows, but we get over them.”

The couple were joined by family and friends to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary at the Queen of Spades, Boston, thanking them for helping to mark the milestone.

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