COURT RESULTS: Our weekly register of Boston cases

Court News
Court News

Here’s our latest register of cases heard at Boston and Skegness Magistrates’ Court.


Aigars Vacieties, 51, of Church Road, Boston. At Boston, in Wide Bargate, was guilty while drunk of disorderly behaviour. £160 fine, £20 victim surcharge, £85 costs.


Erik Gusev, 21, of Wyberton West Road, Boston. At Boston, stole food to the total value of £64, belonging to Asda Store. Discharged conditionally for 12 months, £20 victim surcharge.

Gerald Patrick Egan, 55, of Union Street, Boston. At Oldrids, Boston, stole Armani fragrances to the value of £72; commission of a further offence while subject to a 12 month conditional discharge for an offence of theft. £40 fine, £85 costs.

Jurga Kaziute, 30, of Orchard Street, Boston. At Asda, Boston, stole four bottles of perfume to the value unknown. Discharged conditionally for 18 months, £20 victim surcharge, £85 costs, foil lined bag to be forfeited and destroyed.

Igors Selep Jonoks, 37, of Broadfield Street, Boston. At Boston, stole a pair of shoes to the value of £49.99 belonging to TK Maxx; at Boston, had without good reason or lawful authority, in Lincoln Lane, a lock knife. Community order made to include rehabilitation activity for 20 days, unpaid work for 80 hours, £85 victim surcharge, £85 costs, knife forfeited and destroyed.


Andrew Kevin Allen, 56, of Parthian Avenue, Wyberton. At Boston, drove on London Road after consuming so much alcohol that the proportion of it in breath equalled 117 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath (legal limit 35). £300 fine, £30 victim surcharge, £85 costs, disqualified from driving for 28 months.

Sara Jayne Roberts, 49, of Horncastle Road, Boston. At Boston, drove on Wainfleet Road after consuming so much alcohol that the proportion of it in blood equalled 235 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood (legal limit 80). £300 fine, £30 victim surcharge, £85 costs,disqualified from driving for 24 months.

Failure to comply

Wayne Rous, of Harrington Croft, Holbeach. At Boston Police Station, having been in charge of a vehicle and having been required to provide a specimen or specimens of breath for analysis by means of a type approved by the Secretary of State, failed without reasonable excuse to do so. £720 fine, £72 victim surcharge, £85 costs, licence endorsed with 10 points.


Rui Antonion Sequira, 53, of Ward Crescent, Fishtoft. Twice at Ward Crescent, Fishtoft, assaulted another by beating them. Discharged conditionally for two years, restraining order made, £20 victim surcharge, £85 costs.


Bernard Porter, 45, of Boston Road, Gosberton. At Boston, without the authority of the Secretary of State had possession of a taser; at Boston, without the authority of the Secretary of State had possession of a cattle prod. £300 fine, £30 victim surcharge, £85 costs, taser and cattle prod to be forfeited and destroyed.