84-year-old woman feels ‘terrorised’ in her own home by youths

Kathleen Pomfrett, 84, is terrified by youths.
Kathleen Pomfrett, 84, is terrified by youths.

An eighty-four-year-old Boston woman has been left terrorised in her own home by a group of youths banging her doors and windows.

Kathleen Pomfrett, of Staniland Road, claims she has been traumatised by several incidents of anti-social behaviour over the past month.

“I now sleep with the lights on,” she said. “I get breathless and I’m worried I’m going to have a heart attack.”

The trouble began three weeks ago when Mrs Pomfrett says she saw a group of four children, aged 10-11, banging on her front door, and throwing ‘muck’ at her windows.

“I have been in bad health and when this happens, it makes it worse and I end up feeling so rough that I have to go to bed,” she said.

“I think they want me to come out and shout at them so they can laugh and swear at me, but I’m not going to do that.”

Mrs Pomfrett said she suffered similar anti-social behaviour six years previously, during which time, she says, she had windows smashed and 28 eggs thrown at her home.

“Victim Support put a notice on my door and that seemed to put a stop to it, but it’s now happening again,” she said.

Mrs Pomfrett’s bungalow is situated next to a footpath, and she believes this could be the reson her home is targeted.

“It’s absolutely awful and I’ve been very frightened,” she said. “I’ve had the police around about it but they told me there’s not a lot they can do.”

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: “The neighbours have all been spoken to and nobody else has had a similar problem so the local beat officer and Pcsos will keep an eye on the location and give it passing attention.”

They added: “We have really good systems in place to identify people who are genuine vulnerable victims of anti-social behaviour.”

Anyone with any information about these incidents can contact police on 101.