Absconder: “I can’t stay at North Sea Camp, it’s full of paedophiles and rapists”

North Sea Camp
North Sea Camp
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An absconder from North Sea Camp says he ran from the open prison because it was ‘full of paedophiles and rapists’.

Andree Francis, who was serving a three year sentence for drugs offences, simply walked out just three weeks after he was transferred to the Freiston Shore prison after his requests to be transferred to a more secure prison were not acted on.

Phil Howes, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court on Thursday that Francis was discovered missing during a late night check on inmates.

“He walked. When he got to Tesco’s on New Hammond Beck Road in Boston he alerted the authorities and was arrested. He said he had told the authorities that he would leave. He said the place was full of paedophiles and rapists.”

Francis, 24, originally from the Nottingham area, admitted escaping from custody on November 19. He was given a six month jail sentence to run consecutively to his current sentence.

Felicity Campbell, defending, said Francis was moved from a secure prison very quickly after commencing his sentence.

She said: “This caused him to be anxious and he didn’t think he could cope with an open prison. In the three weeks he was at North Sea Camp he requested a transfer but received no answer.”

Miss Campbell said Francis was only on the run for six hours and then handed himself in.