Aftershave thief was caught on CCTV

STEALING a £96 bottle of aftershave has cost Sean Steven Celvin Fletcher £181.

The 24-year-old pleaded guilty to the theft on Wednesday.

Boston magistrates heard how CCTV cameras at Boston’s Boots store spotted Fletcher conceal an aftershave box set in his jumper and leave the store without paying.

The offence took place on November 28 last year, nine months before it was finally heard in court.

Prosecutor Edward Johnson said this was because police had been attempting to find Fletcher since he was identified on the footage in January.

“There was a problem with attempting to locate him,” he said.

“Police attended his address on a number of occasions.”

However, Philippa Chatterton, defending Fletcher refuted the suggestions.

She told the court: “My client has resided and worked in Boston throughout the year and can’t understand why the police haven’t been able to make contact with him before.

“He even appeared in this court in April.

“I don’t think the police have endeavoured as hard as they have made out to find Mr Fletcher.”

Miss Chatterton added that her client stole the aftershave as he was using drugs at the time of the offence, something she says he is now clean from.

She added that he has also stayed out of trouble since then, his April court appearance was to switch a supervision order to a curfew to allow him to work.

Fletcher, of Elizabeth Road, Boston, was given a conditional discharge.

He was also ordered to pay £96 compensation and £85 costs.