Alcohol confiscated from children at party

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WHISKY, vodka and bitter were among a vast selection of alcohol confiscated from children at a party in a village community centre.

The large amount of drink was seized by police when they crashed an event at New York Community Hall on Friday, March 23, which was attended by children as young as 14.

Officers have now launched an investigation into the party.

Insp Mark French, who is leading the investigation, said: “Given the nature of this event, its location and the age of people attending it was a recipe for disaster.

“Events such as these are completely irresponsible.

“We are not talking about young people having a few cans of beer or bottles of alcopops, we have recovered bottles of whisky and vodka.

“Unsupervised and inexperienced access to this type of alcohol is dangerous and in the worst case scenario can prove fatal.”

Insp French added that, in many cases, parents and friends must have bought alcohol for the youngsters and dropped them off at the party, as there is nowhere in New York to purchase drink.

He urged parents to act responsibly and take measures to ensure that children could not take alcohol to similar events in future.