Alcoholic ‘in a bad way’ took £4 bottle of cider

AN ALCOHOLIC who took a £4 bottle of cider from a shop in Boston claimed he was ‘in a very bad state’ on the day he took the drink.

Ringolds Trotitis, who is homeless, is ‘very ill’ through alcoholism, according to defence solicitor Liz Harte, and on the day he took the Jack Frost cider from Iceland in Wide Bargate, he had reached a terrible point of desperation.

Mitigating, Miss Harte said: “When the desperation cuts in the mind switches off.

“He accepts it was an act of desperation.”

Trotitis, 40, pleaded guilty to theft from a shop on June 19 when he appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said he was last before the court for a similar matter in 2010, but Ms Harte requested that the court give him credit for the fact that he had stayed out of trouble since then, despite his poor situation.

She added: “The last two-and-a-half years have shown this is a man who can, and normally does, keep out of trouble.”

Magistrates gave him a conditional discharge for 12 months. No order was made for costs as he has a large amount of money outstanding for fines.