Angry cyclist urges fellow riders: “Get off yer bike”

Elizabeth Hunter, who believes cyclists need educating on how to be safe on the paths. DJ
Elizabeth Hunter, who believes cyclists need educating on how to be safe on the paths. DJ

An angry cyclist has called for more action to ensure fellow riders abide by the law in pedestrian areas – after she was nearly knocked down and then abused by the culprit.

Keen cyclist Elizabeth Hunter, 66, of Hospital Lane, Boston, said she and her husband had been knocked down and bumped into by cyclists on several occasions.

She said she had often suffered verbal abuse when she pointed out that they should be more careful or not be riding on pedestrian areas – adding she feared for vulnerable people who might not be able to get out of the way.

She said: “I often walk across the road at Norfolk Street on the crossing, but as I was on the footpath a young man on his bike nearly knocked into me and shouted at me.”

She says she only goes on paths herself at crossings and roundabouts and says people need to use common sense.

Police and the borough council have recently announced a new initiative to crack down and educate cyclists in the town.

Mrs Hunter said: “What I would like to see is Boston police start patrolling the shopping precinct on Wide Bargate and if they see cyclists they should challenge them and give them a fine. I think if they did that for a few weeks we would see more results.”

Sgt Paul Coleman said there had been an increase in dangerous incidents and complaints. Particular troublespots are St Botolph’s footbridge, Strait Bargate, South End and the lanes such as Dolphin Lane and Emery Lane.

The council has said it will work with the police and use its CCTV system to combat persistent offenders, who may face a fine of £50.

Information signs are also going to be distributed for display in shop windows on no-cycling routes.

Insp Jim Manning said: “Cycling in the pedestrianised area and on pavements is enforced by the police when they witness it but unfortunately we don’t have the resources to dedicate more time to this. I fully understand people’s concerns over this inconsiderate behaviour.”