Arson attack at children’s play area threatens skate park plan

The damage at the park
The damage at the park

Repeated vandalism and anti-social behaviour is threatening to scupper plans for a £50,000 skate park in Kirton.

Arsonists set fire to a children’s climbing frame and slide at the Dame Sarah Swift playing field on Friday evening.

And with a surge in recent anti-social behaviour reported at the - there are concerns about the impact this will have on residents and plans to develop the site.

Playing field committee member George Davies said: “We are just about to erect the skate park but we have got some real problems there now with vandalism and anti-social behaviour. Over the weekend someone has set fire to the play equipment used by young children.

“We’ve also got these yobs who have been congregating there, drinking alcohol, leaving broken bottles around and all sorts of things. they’ve even been exploding aerosol cans with fire.”

The playing fields committee has a £35,000 grant from WREN, and with £10,000 from the parish council and additional money raised by young people in the community, plans were to see the skate park installed at the site off Church Lane in November.

Parish councillor Alan Lee said: “These plans are now on hold until we can resolve the issues there. As a parish council we are trying to provide a facility for all age groups to enjoy so it’s a real shame to see what’s happening there. It’s really affecting the quality of life for the nearby residents.

“We are not going to tolerate it. With support from police, we are going to have to tackle this.”

Graffiti using ‘vile language’ has also been left at the site.

“The residents here are up in arms about it,” Mr Davies added: “We are really worried we will lose their support for the skate park as this could put the skape park in jeopardy. We want to appeal to whoever’s doing this to stop. They are morons.”

If you have any information about the incidents call Boston Police by dialling 101 and quoting incident number 387 of October 3.