Attempted burglary was to send money home

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A MAN who attempted a burglary at a Boston pub had been aiming to get money to send home to his mother in Lithuania, a court was told.

Ruslan Damulevic had gone to a friend to ask for extra work before he was taken to the Napoleon public house on Fishtoft Road and the pair tried to steal some items, Boston magistrates heard on Wednesday.

John Storer, defending, said: “His mother back in Lithuania had been in contact and told him she needed the equivalent of £1,000 for a gall bladder operation. Funds are very tight and he had no money to send so he requested extra work.”

Damulevic, 32, claimed he did not know that his co-defendant was planning to break into the pub and steal items.

The pair were caught after the landlord of the pub heard a noise when he got up to go to the toilet. He then saw them outside one of the windows at the pub.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said when the police arrived they found damage to the games machine and a window and some items which had been moved.

The two men were found in an attic space above the games table.

Damulevic, of Fydell Street, pleaded guilty to the offence of burglary.

Magistrates gave him a 12-month community order with 150 hours’ unpaid work, and told him to pay £150 compensation and £85 costs.