Banned Boston driver got behind wheel to move furniture from his old home, court told

Court news
Court news

A BOSTON disqualified driver drove items of furniture to a recycling centre as he didn't want to leave them behind when he moved house for fear of losing his rental deposit, a court has heard.

Joaquim Silva, 44, of Forest Dale admitted driving whilst disqualified when he appeared at Boston Magistrates Court.

Magistrates heard he had been caught driving his Peugeot 407 at 10.30am on March 7 in London Road, just nine days after he had been banned for two months for a speeding offence.

Philippa Chatterton, mitigating, said he accepted he was aware he had been disqualified from driving and he had arranged to move house so as to be nearer to work and schools.

She said some of the larger items had to be taken to a recycling centre as he had to clear the house out and was afraid of losing his deposit if he didn't do so by the end of his tenancy.

She said a friend was going to do it but had let him down at the last minute and as his partner didn't drive, he decided to take them himself.

“He didn't appreciate how serious this is,” she told the magistrates.

Silva was given a nine month community order with 10 rehabilitation days and ordered to pay £170 in costs and charges.