Be security savvy to deter burglars

Protect your precious memories
Protect your precious memories

While you are out and about enjoying the summer, do not forget home security.

While certain items can always be replaced, it is important to protect against the loss of more sentimental belongings, such as your child’s first bike or a piece of jewellery.

While these possessions are unlikely to have the financial value to attract would-be thieves, they could get damaged or lost in a burglary.

A big part of home security is about protecting those irreplaceable items.

The Yale it campaign – from the home security specialists at Yale – urges householders to consider ways to deter burglars:

l Secure all external doors. It sounds obvious but many people move into a new home and do not change the locks.

l Windows are a common point of entry for burglars. Make sure all are fitted with at least one appropriate lock.

l Set your alarm. Studies have shown a burglar alarm system makes you less likely to become a victim of burglary.

l Many outbuildings contain valuable items. Fit a heavy-duty padlock.

l To protect yourself from identity theft, important documents, passports and other valuables should be kept in a safe. Unwanted sensitive documents should be shredded.