Birthday celebration ended with Boston woman assaulting police officer after being thrown out of nightclub

Woman in court for assault
Woman in court for assault

A woman ended her birthday celebrations by being arrested for being dunk and disorderly and assaulting a police officer

Boston Magistrates Court heard Raminta Kaciusyte of Tawney Street iwas ejected from the town's Piranha night club at 2.40am.

She had been celebrating her 24th birthday there on February 1.

Prosecutor Marie Stace said Kaciusyte continued to argue with door staff and try to get back into the club and, when police arrived and offered her a lift home, continued to do so until she was eventually arrested.

Ms Stace said that when a female officer held her arm to arrest her, Kaciusyte bent the fingers of the officer's hand back.

Mitigating, Beris Brickles said she had been attacked by another woman inside the club but the door staff had not done anything about it but just evicted her.

He said she had had no intention of assaulting the officer and it did not appear that officer had received any injury.

Ordering her to pay £50 compensation to the officer, the magistrates said police officers had the right to be 'treated with respect'.

She was also ordered to pay a total of £270 in fines and £85 costs.