‘Body in river’ death likely to have been an accident


The inquest into the death of a man whose body was found in Boston docks has concluded his death, by drowning, was most likely an accident.

Senior Coroner for South Lincolnshire Dr Robert Forrest took evidence at the inquest of Jed Bateman, of White Horse Lane, Boston, who after being reported missing on May 14, 2014, was found on May 18.
The inquest, held on Monday at the town’s Coroners’ Office, was told how a pathology report pointed to him being alive when he entered the water.

A toxicology report found only a trace of alcohol in his body but found a variety of drugs in his system including a large amount of amphetamine and tramadol, as well as MKat and a little cocaine, which doctors said would mean he was ‘stimulated’ and could have caused him to lose his balance.

It was reported that there was a wall nine metres away from his house, that if someone sat on it and lost their balance they could fall in the river.
The inquest heard Jed, who has a young son, had found he ‘liked’ prescription drugs after a back injury at the gym.

He was later discharged from the Navy, after a drug test proved positive for heroin, it was revealed.

The inquest was told he had previously overdosed, and later suffered kidney failure.
Jed’s mother told the inquest she was certain her son would not have gone into the water if he had wanted to commit