Boston man puts up his own wanted posters after frustration with police over 6ft 4ins raider

Danny Lee puts up one of his posters
Danny Lee puts up one of his posters

A Boston man is putting up his own wanted posters of a burglar who raided a number of properties and was caught on CCTV as he says the police have shown little interest in following up the investigation.

Danny Lee says the man, who is estimated to be 6’4”, was seen trying to get into houses in Hobhole Bank before breaking into outbuildings and vehicles and stealing items.

The raider by a gate which gave Danny an indication of his height

The raider by a gate which gave Danny an indication of his height

They believe the man was armed with a knife which they found close to next to a car that had been broken into the following day.

Mr Lee has now written to the Police and Crime Commissioner and has put up around 50 of his own wanted posters around the Boston area.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: “I can confirm that incident 250 of the 27 April is a report of a theft from vehicle which CCTV indicated occurred at around 1.15 am.

“We would urge anyone who is dissatisfied with an investigation to make a complaint.”

The raider's profile caught on camera

The raider's profile caught on camera

Mr Lee says he has handed over the CCTV images captured on the night by himself and other residents, and also gave them the registration number of the vehicle the raider was using.

He said the man tried to break into a number of houses, then broke into a caravan, stealing various including a bike, a fitted radio, and expensive wines.

He then broke into Mr Lee’s wife’s car, stealing items, and a neighbour’s outbuilding, where he took expensive tools.

“This man is 6ft 4ins. Someone must know who it is, as he will really stand out,” said Mr Lee.

“It just seems that the police aren’t over interested. They say they don’t have the resources.”

In his letter to Marc Jones he says he is ‘disgusted with the low score’ police seem to have put on the incident.

“This, after we provided images of the 6ft 4inch robber and the number plate on the stolen car being used around Boston to Rob your people,” he writes.

Mr Lee says the car was picked up by the police, but he believes they should have done more to trace the person who was using it.

“I believe this man is very, very dangerous and it's only a matter of time before somebody tackles him and gets hurt,” he said.

“I am disgusted that the police show very little interest in these burglaries.”