Boston off licence worker fined after being caught out by underage drink test


Police have issued a fine to a staff member at a West Street off licence after they were caught out serving alcohol to a 16-year-old.

Officers worked with trading standards and two 16-year-old volunteers to conduct a series of test purchase operations in Boston and Spalding, looking at the sale of alcohol and tobacco.

The tests took place on Saturday, May 10, and officers say Euro Booze and Foods Ltd in West Street sold alcohol to the volunteer.

A member of staff was fined £90 for the sale and the licence holder will now be invited to a meeting to discuss the issue of underage sales.

While in Boston, European Beer/Ambersea in Witham Place passed the test by refusing the sale.

Euro Booze and Foods will be subject to a further test in the next three months.

Licensing officer PC Ian Figgitt said: “These test purchase operations are all intelligence led, involving premises where we have received information that the staff are selling age-restricted products to underage people.

“On the receipt of such information, the people running the shops, pubs, bars or clubs are sent letters advising them that this information has been received to enable them to check their staff and ensure they are not selling or to stop them selling.

“They are advised that the premises will be tested and invited to discuss any concerns or issues they may have identified following our initial warning communication.

“Following a sale to our volunteers, the premises operators are informed and invited to an informal meeting to explain our procedures, identify any potential weaknesses in their operation which may need addressing and to warn them of the serious potential consequences if they are found to be selling a second time.

“We make serious efforts to warn, educate and advise suspect premises to deal with this issue of underage sales and the impact it has upon anti social and criminal behaviour in local communities and the harmful effects on the health of young people.”