Boston party guest attacked host and murdered him in his own home jury told

Court news.
Court news.

A New Year’s Day party host was killed by a guest in the hallway of his own home, a murder trial jury was told today (Tuesday).

Deimantas Strelciunas, 41, was allegedly attacked by Ricardas Mazeika during the party at his terraced home in St Ann’s Wharf, off London Road in Boston.

Nic Lobbenberg QC, prosecuting, told the jury at Lincoln Crown Court that Mr Stelciunas suffered a badly broken nose and bled heavily before suffering a fatal heart attack.

Mr Strelciunas, a 28-stone man who stood over six feet four inches tall, was described to the jury as “a teddy bear” who was not aggressive.

The prosecutor told the jury said that Mazeika’s partner was a former partner of Mr Strelciunas.

Mr Lobbenberg said Mazeika became unhappy during the party after he saw his partner slow-dancing with the party host. The two men later went into the hallway before other partygoers were alerted by a loud bang. Moments later Mr Strelciunas was found lying on the floor. Emergency services were called and although he was initially breathing efforts to save his life were unsuccessful.

Ricardas Mazeika, 30, of Laughton Road, Boston, denied the murder of Deimantas Strelciunas on January 1 this year.

Mr Lobbenberg told the jury “Deimantas Strelciunas decided to have a small party at his home to celebrate New Year’s Day. He had friends round for food and drinks.

“Amongst those who went to his home was the defendant. This was the first time that the defendant had been to Mr Strelciunas’ home.

“At about 6.45pm a loud bang was heard and Deima was found lying in the hallway at the bottom of a flight of stairs. The defendant was on top of him. A short while later Deima died. Blood was splattered on the walls and on the carpet and on the clothing and in the hallway of the house.”

“Although there were a number of people in the house that evening no-one saw what happened.”

Mazeika was later arrested but told police he had no memory of the events leading up to the death..

Mr Lobbenberg said that forensic scientists were later able to piece together what happened

He said “This is a story that is written in that blood because forensic scientists will tell you that a combination of the blood on the walls, the carpet, and on the clothing of people allows them to demonstrate to you that Deima was attacked.

“He was attacked at least twice on the stairs and he was attacked again when he was on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. The forensic scientists will tell you the attack involved punches to the face and there was a knee in the face when Deima must have been in a position of vulnerability and unable to defend himself.

“The prosecution say that attack can only have been carried out by the defendant who plainly intended to cause serious harm and therefore is the murderer of Deima.”

The trial continues.