Boston pensioners targeted by telephone conmen

Police news.
Police news.

Two Boston pensioners were targeted by ‘courier scammers’ in telephone calls yesterday afternoon.

Police have been looking to raise awareness of this type of crime and say that it is declining as people get wise to the methods employed by conmen.

A spokesman said: “The Lincolnshire Police has done a lot of work in past months highlighting the crime and raising awareness around it and instances being reported to the police have decreased significantly.

“However, between 3pm and 4pm on Tuesday afternoon, two separate incidents were reported to Police by members of the public in Boston. Fortunately, neither person actually fell victim to the fraud and no money was lost.

“It does highlight the fact that the scammers are still active and people should be aware of the issue. If you have an elderly relative or neighbour, please make sure they know about the scam and are prepared in the event they receive a call.”

The calls had been made to pensioners living in Freiston Road and Hardiway in Boston.

The scam attempts to work in the following way:

- Elderly victim is contacted on their landline from a man identifying himself as a police officer (usually from Birmingham or London). The caller with give a name and collar number of a real police officer.

- Victim is informed that Police have someone in custody who has made a fraudulent transaction on their card. The victim is told to contact their bank ASAP.

- Victim will put the phone down but the offender will NOT, hence keeping the line open.

- Offender will then pretend to be the victim’s bank and ask personal questions ie PIN numbers. The offender will keep the victim on the phone for 1 to 2 hours and inform the victim that they will send a courier around to collect the card to ensure it is disposed of.

- Offender will send a courier (usually another member of the group) to the address to collect the bank card. The courier will then arrive at victims address and collect the card/s.

- Offender will then use the victims card immediately after, withdrawing and making transactions between £1,500 to £2,000

If you believe you have been contacted by a ‘courier scammer’ then contact the police immediately on 101.