Boston residents asked to be vigilant after spate of open window sneak-in burglaries in hot weather

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Police are warning Boston residents to be vigilant of home security during the hot weather after a spate of ‘sneak-in’ burglaries.

Boston Inspector Andy Morrice said there has now been five burglaries since June 1 in which offenders have gained access through open windows.

The burglaries have not taken place in a specific area of town, but have all taken place overnight when householders have left windows open to cope with the heat. Insp Morrice said: “Offender(s) are simply gaining access through open windows, and stealing predominantly cash.

“With the good weather here, I just want to remind people to close their windows (downstairs will suffice) when they go to bed.

“We have now had 5, and for me that’s 5 too many!”

Anyone with information about the burglaries are urged to call police on 101.