Boston robbers described as ‘dangerous individuals’

Covicted robbers Barney Wood, left, and Jamie Holland, right.
Covicted robbers Barney Wood, left, and Jamie Holland, right.
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A detective in the Eggy James robbery case has described the two Boston men convicted of the crime as ‘dangerous individuals who deserve to be behind bars’.

Jamie Holland and Barnabas Wood targeted jewellery dealer Stephen ‘Eggy’ James after he had loaded his van before setting off to Boston Market in 2012.

The burnt out van

The burnt out van

Both men from Boston were sentenced to five years in prison yesterday (Thursday).

DC Gary Dreher, from Boston CID, said: “This was a high value robbery and Mr James’ entire stock was stolen.

“The pair showed total disregard for him when the van was driven off while he was clinging to the door and the consequences could have been extremely serious. “Both men are dangerous individuals who deserve to be behind bars”.

The robbery happened just before 5am on November 3, 2012, when jewellery trader, Stephen James, 56, was loading his van.

Mr James was pushed to the ground and Wood climbed into the driver’s seat of the van and drove away the vehicle which contained £100,000 worth of jewellery, which was never recovered.

The van was later found burnt out in Benington.

Danielle Thorne, 22, of White House, Lane, Boston, admitted assisting an offender and was given a four-month jail sentence, suspended for two years with supervision, and 60 hours of unpaid work.

Holland is currently serving a 13-year sentence for an attempted robbery and his five year sentence for this offence will run consecutively.