Bravery award nomination for officers who rescued man from burning car


Three police officers who rescued a man from a burning car have been nominated for a police bravery award.

In October 2011 PCs David Brennan, David Burdon and Sarah Luker went to a crash at the Four Crossroads junction, KirtonHolme.

The driver of one vehicle raced off but veered off the road and flipped onto its roof into a drainage ditch. The car was engulfed by flames.

The three officers went to the car and Pc Luker smashed the front passenger window, crawled into the car and started pulling the driver to safety. Pc Brennan used his fire extinguisher to try to put out the flames.

He then pulled the car door open and helped Pc Luker pull the passenger through the thick black smoke to safety. Pc Burdon helped drag the driver from the car.

After being released from hospital, the driver was prosecuted for drink-driving, disqualified for 22 months and given a suspended prison sentence.

Lincolnshire Police Federation’s Jon Hassall said “I am absolutely delighted to recommend these three officers for the national Police Bravery Award. The original caller told the operator that the occupant of the vehicle was probably deceased as the vehicle was heavily alight.”