‘Breakdown’ blamed for man’s public strip

‘THERE is no doubt that he was in the middle of some sort of breakdown’

These were the words of solicitor John Storer as he attempted to offer a defence for a man who stripped off his clothes in the street in full view of the public.

Derek Crawley, of Brothertoft Road, Boston, was seen by a group of children to remove his clothes while he was walking along Sleaford Road on June 23, the prosecution said. When police found him at the Carlton Road roundabout, he was wearing nothing but a T-shirt, the bench was told.

Reading from the statement of one of the policeman, prosecutor Marie Stace said: “He was naked from the waist down when found. He ran away but his buttocks were clearly visible. When he turned around I could see his genitals.”

When officers finally caused the 48-year-old to stop and got out of the car, he grabbed the body armour of one of the officers and punched him on the left cheek.

Crawley admitted committing an act which outraged public decency and assaulting a police constable when he appeared in court on Wednesday.

John Storer, defending, said Crawley had been in the midst of a breakdown, which saw him attend the police station on three occasions in just three days. Mr Storer said: “There was no sexual element involved. It was simply taking clothes off in public.

“He had been off work with stress and was suffering with chronic insomnia at the time of this incident.”

Magistrates requested a probation report before sentencing.