BREAKING NEWS: Jubilee Fountain vandalised hours after being reinstalled

Jubilee Fountain, vandalised only hours after being reinstalled. DJ
Jubilee Fountain, vandalised only hours after being reinstalled. DJ

Boston’s Jubilee Fountain has been vandalised only a few hours after being reinstalled to its Central Park location.

The incident occurred at about 1.30pm today (Friday) when two youths were seen climbing the structure by a member of the public who reported it to the Fen Road Depot staff, who then reported it to the police.

It comes just hours after the fountain was reinstalled with a new steel structure and concrete reinforcements to make it ‘strengthened and toughened’.

The youths have bent the top of the fountain, including the pipework there, meaning the stonework at that point has had to be removed.

Fen Road Depot worker Dave Cadenhead, who helped to put the reinforced structure together, told The Standard: “We put the effort in and it’s just... I can’t understand it, kids these days have got no respect for anything.”

It is estimated the fountain cost around £800 to restore originally and it might cost another estimated £200 to fix the new damage.

Police have confirmed two lads were seen ‘misbehaving on the fountain’ and investigations are ongoing.

The fountain, a lasting tribute to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, was originally damaged by teenage girls just days after it was installed back in June.

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