BREAKING NEWS: Prison absconder arrested for sexual assault in Boston area

Alan Wilmott
Alan Wilmott

Prison absconder Alan Wilmott has been arrested in connection with a sexual assault on a woman in Butterwick while on day release from North Sea Camp.

The 47-year-old convicted robber failed to return to the open prison in Freiston Shore following day release on Sunday.

He was arrested in London this morning (Tuesday) by Metropolitan Police.

A police spokesman said: “In addition to his arrest for being unlawfully at large, Wilmott has been further arrested in connection with a serious sexual assault that occurred in Butterwick, near Boston, on Sunday, September 15.”

They added: “Wilmott will return to Lincolnshire to be questioned by officers from the Emerald Team.”

Twenty-stone Wilmott, who is originally from the Middlesex area, had been serving a life sentence for offences including robbery.