Call for action to combat bench boozers around Boston memorial

Herbert Ingram Memorial area of Boston where people congregate to drink alcohol.
Herbert Ingram Memorial area of Boston where people congregate to drink alcohol.
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AUTHORITIES in Boston are being urged to tackle drinking and anti-social behaviour around the town’s Herbert Ingram Memorial.

In the shadow of ‘Boston’s most famous son’, people are congregating on benches, drinking alcohol and using abusive language.

The behaviour, in one of Boston’s most prominent town centre areas, has been described as ‘intimidating’ and ‘disgusting’ by readers.

The issue sparked a strong reaction on The Standard’s Facebook page.

Tom Hopkins said: “Something definitely needs to be done. It’s intimidating and doesn’t give the area in question a good image.”

Dina Parla Nicholson commented: “It’s the behaviour that’s a problem and it’s a disgrace. Makes the town look awful and that’s what our children are watching.”

White stickers with offensive words written on them have also recently been stuck on the Ingram statue.

Even The Standard’s photographer was threatened and had abuse hurled at him when he went out to take the photograph above.

The area has a designated public place order (DPPO) which means it is not illegel to drink there, but police can ask people to stop drinking if they become a nuisance and can prosecute them if they refuse to hand their booze over.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “The area is regularly patrolled with offences dealt with as they occur but we are looking towards achieving a longer term solution to the problem.

“We are working closely with CCTV operatives from Boston Borough, local businesses and market traders to collate evidence that can be used to secure town banning orders. We continue to encourage local residents, businesses and shoppers to report problems so that offences can be identified and dealt with.”