Car wash worker ‘kicked, stamped on and beaten to death’ in Boston, court told

Lincoln Crown Court.
Lincoln Crown Court.

A car wash worker died after being subjected to a brutal beating in Boston, a murder trial jury has heard.

Sigitas Kirkickas, 53, suffered brain damage and more than 30 bone fractures after he was allegedly kicked, stamped on and beaten.

The jury at Lincoln Crown Court was told today (Wednesday) that Mr Kirkickas was attacked moments after arriving at the home of his fellow Lithuanian Audrius Zauka in Ingelow Avenue, Boston.

Zauka is alleged to have carried out the fatal attack in October last year but denies he was responsible and claims his two lodgers were to blame for the killing.

William Harbage, prosecuting, told the jury: “This case is about a brutal killing. Mr Kirkickas was kicked, stamped on and beaten to death.

“He received significant head injuries. There was traumatic injury to the brain.

“He also received multiple injuries to his body including extensive bruising and abrasions.

“He suffered a fracture of a bone in the throat, two fractures of his breastbone and no fewer than 28 fractures of his ribs. Some of his ribs were broken in two places. Severe force would be required to cause all of those fractures. He also received lacerations of the liver and kidneys and bruising of the lungs.”

Mr Harbage said Zauka’s wife Ilona Kriscuinaite had passed away just two days before the incident and he was selling furniture and other belongings in a bid to raise money for the funeral.

The prosecutor said that Zauka later confessed to a female friend Julija Kovalenko telling her ‘It’s me. I’ve done it. I’ll sort it out and I’ll answer for it’.

After the incident Zauka disappeared for six days before he was arrested by police at an address in Tooley Street, Boston.

Mr Harbage added: “The prosecution case is that this defendant was present at the time Sigi was attacked. He had a number of motives to attack him.”

Mr Harbage told the jury that Zauka was upset because Mr Kirkickas used his garden as a toilet moments before arriving at the property.

He said Zauka also believed that Mr Kirkickas wanted to rape a teenage girl and Zauka was unhappy because Mr Kirkickas had been visiting the Ingelow Avenue property while he [Zauka] was at work and had been getting Ilona Kriscuinaite drunk.

The prosecutor said that Zauka was seen to strike the first blow and had confessed to Julija Kovalenko.

“He chose to lie low for six days afterwards and lied about his presence at the scene,” he said.

Zauka, 41, of Ingelow Avenue, Boston, denies the murder of Mr Kirkickas on October 23, 2015.

The trial continues.