Convicted sex offender went on the run from North Sea Camp after feeling bullied

Johnathan Todd
Johnathan Todd

A convicted sex offender went on the run from North Sea Camp jail claiming he was bullied by other inmates, Lincoln Crown Court was told today, Tuesday May 26

Jonathan Todd, who was serving an indeterminate sentence for public protection, was moved to the open prison near Boston in April ahead of a parole board hearing later this year to consider whether he should be released.

Julia King, prosecuting, said that Todd was found to be missing when a check was carried out on inmates at midday on 13 Masy.

He was reported as an escaper and arrested later the same day 16 miles away at Donington near Spalding.

Miss King said “He said he walked out at 9 am and he left for no other reason than he was feeling stressed because he was detained at the prison.

“He said he was eventually going to report his escape himself to the police.”

Todd, 26, of no fixed address, admitted escape from lawful custody on 3 May. He was given a 16 week jail sentence concurrent with the indeterminate sentence he continues to serve. He was also ordered to pay a £900 criminal costs order and a victim surcharge of £80.

The court was told that he had 46 previous convictions dating back to 2001 and in April 2010 was given an indeterminate sentence at Newcastle Crown Court for sexual offences.

Andrea Clarke, defending, said “He had been the target of bullying at North Sea Camp and felt extremely stressed. He took the opportunity to leave and walked to Spalding.

“He says he was going to turn himself in.

“He understands that this in itself will no doubt be brought up before the Parole Board and there will be consequences in relation to his potential release date.”