COUNCIL INQUIRY: Bid to force offenders to apologise

PEOPLE who urinate in the street or drop litter could be brought face-to-face with the people they offend under plans to shame them into not doing it again.

Police are teaming up with Boston Borough Council to get offenders to use a graffiti removal machine that doubles as a street cleaning device, as punishment for committing anti-social behaviour crimes.

Resident Mark Mitchell reported that men were often seen urinating on the corner of Carlton Road and Sleaford Road during the morning school run.

Chief Insp Timmins vowed to investigate that particular case, and said anyone caught doing such acts in public could be made to say sorry directly to anyone they offend – something he feels is more likely to stop people from doing it again than simply handing them a fine.

Chief Insp Timmins said: “I think it is disgusting, it is one of my bugbears. Part of the solution to stop people from re-offending is that they get the opportunity to turn up on a Saturday morning and clean up part of the town and also apologise to the victim by letter or face-to-face.

“If the offender is faced by the victim it reduces the re-offending rates.”