Council loses fight to take mother to prison for Facebook ‘adoption post’ after making admin error


Council bosses took a mother to court for online comments relating to her adoption case, but had the matter thrown out after making an ‘admin error’.

The Boston mother, whose identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons, is currently fighting what she argues is the ‘wrongful forced adoption’ of her two children at the Royal Courts of Justice.

She appeared at Lincoln County Court on August 16 for ‘commital to prison’ for allegedly breaking an injuction imposed on her over the case.

The accusations related to internet material including a Facebook post from the mother, in which she vowed to win her children back.

It was alleged by doing so she revealed their identities and breached an injunction taken out by Lincolnshire County Council.

However The Standard understands the council argued she had breached points one and two of her injunction - not point three – which actually spelled out the ‘internet post ban’ element.

Janice Spencer, assistant director of children’s services, said: “While we cannot comment on care proceedings in respect of any child, we will always take action to protect the privacy of children in our care where appropriate.

“In this case we looked for an injunction to prevent the mother from publishing information which would reveal the children’s identity and thus breach their privacy. Unfortunately there was an administrative error in obtaining the injunction which meant it could not be enforced. Processes are in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

Injunction orders cost £75.

The mother told The Standard her legal knowledge came from online support groups – and said she owes them a debt of gratitude.

She said: “It’s all self taught. I’m just a mum that’s fighting for my kids. If it wasn’t for the support I wouldn’t have been able to defend myself and would probably be in prison.”