Craving for chocolate bars blamed for theft

A drink-fuelled chocolate craving may have been behind the theft of a number of Double Decker bars from a Boston convenience store, magistrates have heard.

Martin Maclachlan said he had no idea why he had taken chocolate bars from the Co-op on Woodville Road, but admitted he had been drinking with friends before the theft, the court was told.

On Wednesday, the 36-year-old pleaded guilty to theft from a shop on June 18.

Rebecca Ritston, prosecuting, said Maclachlan and two other men were seen to go into the shop, take the chocolate and leave without paying.

When staff called after them, one of the men dropped his haul into a bin outside, but Maclachlan, of Red Lion Street, ignored the calls.

In mitigation, John Storer told the bench: “They had ben drinking and he had gone into the shop.

“He said he has absolutely no idea why he picked up those two bars and walked out.”

Magistrates handed him a conditional discharge for nine months.