Crown court to sentence danger driver

A DRIVER who went away from a police car at speeds of more than 100mph has been sent to Lincoln Crown Court for sentencing.

Officers tried to stop Martins Jakubanecs, of Hillington Square in King’s Lynn, on the A17 near Long Sutton by turing on their lights and sirens, but after he seemed to slow down, he then sped up and rushed away, even dodging a stinger which had been thrown on the road to stop him, Boston Magistrates’ Court was told on Wednesday.

He was eventually stopped after he pulled into a dead end off the A16 in Kirton, as police suspected him of taking the vehicle without consent, the Crown said.

Beris Brickles, defending, told the bench the 26-year-old had intended to stop, but then worried he would get in trouble for not having the correct documents for the car, which he had ‘acquired from a friend’.

In further mitigation, he said the incident took place in the early hours of the morning of May 26, so the roads were very quiet.

Jakubanecs pleaded guilty to driving dangerously when he appeared before the bench, but magistrates decided they did not have sufficient powers for sentencing.

He will appear before the crown court at a later date.