'Destitute' woman with no income stole meat from Boston store out of sheer desperation, court hears

Woman stole out of desperation
Woman stole out of desperation

OUT OF sheer desperation, a 42 year old woman, who had no income at all, stole £14 worth of meat from a Boston supermarket, a court has heard.

Kristina Juzefovic of Horncastle Road, Boston, who had no previous convictions, admitted stealing the meat from Lidl on February 16, when she appeared at Boston Magistrates Court.

It was said she had been seen at 4.05pm to pick up the meat and leave the store, triggering the alarm, and was stopped by staff.

She told police she was 'ashamed at what she had done' but that she was hungry and had no friends to help her.

Mitigating, Sheila Whitehead said the theft had been carried out in 'sheer desperation'.

“That week and the week before she had had no work and was destitute,” she said.

“She was not entitled to any benefits and had she had some money she would not have found herself in this situation”, adding that Ms Juzefovic hoped to start work within the next two weeks.

Magistrates imposed a six month conditional discharge, made no order for costs but had no choice but to order her to pay the government surcharge of £20.