Doorman told: “You’ll need a stun gun to work in Boston, it’s rough”

Court news.
Court news.

A night club doorman caught with an illegal stun gun said he was given the weapon by a colleague and told ‘he’d need it to work in Boston’.

Lincoln Crown Court was told on Tuesday that the stun gun, disguised as a torch, was discovered when police carried out a search of Frederick Marriott’s car in January.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said the weapon was on the back seat of the vehicle. An illegal CS gas spray was also discovered inside the centre console of the vehicle.

Mr Scott said the stun gun was later examined and found to have a fault which prevented it from working correctly.

Marriott told officers that the stun gun had been given to him by a work colleague nine months earlier.

Mr Scott said: “It was given to him when he started work in Boston. He was told he would need it because some Boston families were quite rough.”

Officers also found two mobile phones at Marriott’s home. Both had been stolen by Marriott from the lost property section at the Boston night club where he worked as a door supervisor.

Marriott, 30, of Kings Road, Spalding, admitted charges of possession of a disguised firearm and possession of a prohibited weapon on 19 January. He also admitted theft of two mobile phones.

He was given a two year jail sentence suspended for 12 months with 200 hours of unpaid work after Judge Michael Heath told him there were ‘exceptional circumstances’ about the case which meant he could avoid imposing an immediate custodial sentence.

Neil Sands, defending, said Marriott never used the stun gun and had no equipment which allowed him to charge it up.

“This was a complete departure from his otherwise law abiding behaviour.

“Mr Marriott had received a number of injuries including a fractured eye socket and broken cheekbone and numerous cuts and bruises.

“The stun gun was pressed upon him by someone who gave the appearance of being a well-meaning friend and was at the time a fellow door supervisor.

“There was no charger with it when it was handed over and the item was simply put in the back of his car.

“It was a fully working torch. He says that on occasions he used it as a torch but he never used it as a stun gun.”