Drink-drive killer ‘should have been reported’

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LINCOLNSHIRE Road Safety Partnership will launch a Christmas campaign to encourage people to anonymously report anyone who gets behind the wheel after drinking.

The campaign will come after Intars Pless, 34, was found guilty of causing the death of 37-year-old Valentina Planciunene by dangerous driving.

A Lincoln Crown Court case heard how forensic scientists estimated that he was at least two and a half times the legal alcohol limit at the time of the crash, in the early hours of February 15.

Partnership spokesman John Siddle said: “The sad thing is Pless had been drinking and people around him could probably see he had drunk too much. Anyone could have picked up the phone and reported him.”

Mr Siddle felt Pless’ criminal record and attitude - where he denied death by dangerous driving and tried to blame someone else - showed his character.

He said: “I think Pless has total disregard for the law in general and drink-driving was just a small part of that.”

Mr Siddle also praised police for ‘CSI’ skills in using tiny forensic fragments from his car to link Pless to the scene and secure his conviction.

l Lincolnshire Police have stated they will comment after sentencing, which should take place in the next month.