Drink-driver caught after his moving car to sleep in after family gathering

AN ‘IRRATIONAL’ decision to sleep in the car after a family gathering left a County Durham man facing magistrates last week – after he moved the car when he was over the limit.

Michael Nodding had intended to go to a bed and breakfast following the event on September 15, but it turned out to be too late to check in by the time he was ready to leave.

Instead, he decided to spent the night in his car, and in his inebriated state he made the decision to move it from West Street, where it was parked, to a quieter location, Boston Magistrates’ Court was told.

But the 41-year-old did not make it, as he was stopped by police while driving down John Adams Way in the early hours of the morning.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said: “The vehicle was all over the road and did not have its lights on. It was drifting across in its own carriageway.”

When police tried to stop the car by blocking his side of the road Nodding, of School Aycliffe, Newton Aycliffe, continued to drive at the officers’ vehicle, and they were forced to take action to avoid being hit.

When he did stop, officers found he was ‘clearly in drink,’ Ms Stace said.

Nodding pleaded guilty to driving while over the limit when he stood in court on Wednesday.

Defending, David Lee said Nodding, who is looking for housing in this area as he works here, could remember little about the incident, adding: “He is practically tee-total. He has had an amount of alcohol that evening and he is not used to drinking,

“He didn’t set out that evening to deliberately drink-drive. It was a particularly irrational decision. He accepts that.”

Magistrates gave Nodding a £445 fine, along with a £15 victim surcharge and £85 court costs.

He was also banned from driving for 18 months.