Driver used ‘fake licence’ for three years

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A motorist who had never passed a test used a fake driving licence for three years before she was caught, Lincoln Crown Court was told today (Wednesday).

Julija Fjodorova-Jevsjukova bought the bogus licence in her native Latvia and used it while living in the UK.

Mark Watson, prosecuting, said the deceit was uncovered when Fjodorova-Jevsjukova was stopped by police while driving her Vauxhall Vectra in Boston on 8 January.

Mr Watson told the court: “When producing her driving licence she gave the officer a Latvian driving licence which in the officer’s view was clearly a fake.

“It was later analysed and found to have an incorrect printing technique. The holographic design was incorrect and it produced an incorrect reaction to UV light.

“Inquiries through Interpol revealed this defendant had never held a valid driving licence.”

Mr Watson said that although Fjodorova-Jevsjukova had paid for UK insurance from 2012 she did so on a false basis as she claimed she had held a valid EU licence since 1997.

The fact that she had no licence meant that her insurance was not valid, said Mr Watson.

Fjodorova-Jevsjukova, 36, of Feather Works, Boston, admitted possession of an identity document with improper intent. She also admitted driving without a valid licence and driving without insurance.

She was given a six month jail sentence suspended for two years with 100 hours of unpaid work. She also received six penalty points.

Sunil Khanna, defending, said his client had taken driving lessons in Latvia and was told by her instructor that she was of the required standard to pass her test.

But she did not take the test and instead paid him to supply her with a licence.

Mr Khanna said “The fact that she took out insurance suggests that in her own mind she felt she was driving lawfully. She now accepts she was wrong.

“She came to this country in 2008 with her two daughters and her husband. She is a trained hairdresser and has worked constantly since.

“As a consequence of this her car was seized and scrapped. She assures the court she will not obtain another vehicle until such time as she has passed a full English driving test. Until that time she will rely on public transport for her work and taking her children to and from school.”