Drug addict had ‘epiphany’ after birth of baby

Court news.
Court news.

A drug addict has been praised by magistrates after having an ‘incredible’ personality change following the birth of her baby.

Mary Ann Jobson, 31, of Joy Paine Close, Boston, appeared at the town’s magistrates’ court on Wednesday for a review of her drug rehabilitation requirement and to plead guilty to five charges of theft and two of failing to comply with a community order.

Prosecutor Marie Stace Marie Stace said the thefts took place in B&M Stores, One Stop Shops and Co-operative Stores.

Probation officer Barbara Newman said when Jobson first attended her community orders she presented herself as someone who was ‘obstructive and created divertive tactics to evade work’.

However, she said since Jobson had her baby ‘her attitude had changed’. Her offender manager said it was like she had an ‘epiphany’. She said since the baby had been born Jobson had had six-eight drugs tests and tested positive only once.

Defending, Philippa Chatterton said she knew Jobson from representing her previously, and said the change in her was ‘remarkable’.

She said many of Jobson’s previous offences were committed during a period of drug abuse, and added that while pregnant she had been subject to domestic violence.

She said after birth the baby spent two weeks in hospital. It had responded well to treatment but then had a seizure, which was put down to Jobson’s drugs misuse while pregnant. She described the event as a ‘wakeup call’ for Jobson, noting she had taken to motherhood ‘extremely well’.

Chairman of the magistrates Richard Spinks said: “We can see from your previous record that there have been problems in your life and it’s not been smooth, so when we hear from two independent people saying how fast you have changed and you’re improving, that’s incredible.”

They revoked all Jobson’s previous sentences and made a 16 week prison sentence suspended for 12 months, to include 12 months supervision and six months rehabilitation.

She was also asked to pay £79.16 compensation.