Drunk Boston man tried to grab gun from armed police officer

Before the courts
Before the courts

A BOSTON man who tried to take a holstered gun from an armed police officer during an incident in the town centre, has told magistrates he was 'so drunk I couldn't control myself'.

Boston Magistrates Court heard that Sean Poppleton, 29, of South Terrace, was with a group of males who came out of a bar in South Terrace at 7.35pm on August 24 and approached police officers who were carrying out a drugs search.

Prosecutor Marie Stace said Poppleton, who was drunk and drinking beer out of a bottle he was carrying, was abusive and confrontational with the officers and 'tried to take the holstered handgun from the officer'.

She said his friends tried to pull him back but he continued and was arrested.

Poppleton, who admitted to being drunk and disorderly and to possessing cannabis, said he was 'really sorry'.

He told the magistrates: “I was so drunk I couldn't control myself. It's the first time I had been drunk for some time. I was an idiot.”

After being conditionally discharged for a year and ordered to pay a fine of £40 and costs and charges of £115, he said: “You won't see me again.”