Drunk Boston pensioner sparked terrifying incident which left wife and grandson in fear of their lives, court told

Drunk pensioner left family terrified
Drunk pensioner left family terrified

A drunk pensioner sparked a terrifying incident which left family members in fear of their lives, Lincoln Crown Court was told today (Thurs).

Stephen Koerner became involved in an argument as the family's Sunday evening meal was being prepared and what subsequently happened left his wife and grandson terrified.

Phil Howes, prosecuting, said that Koerner was upset that his wife Cicely ,74,was planning to visit Australia and the situation erupted after he produced a print-out of text messages.

Mr Howes told the court "Their grandson Joshua had come to stay for a few days. The grandson was present during various arguments and it came to a head on the Sunday evening.

"They were going to have a meal and their grandson cooked the meal. There was an argument and the defendant produced a print-out of text messages

"At some point the defendant disappeared to get the keys to his gun cabinet. He was drunk and said he would sort it out now.

"As he was going towards the gun cabinet the grandson took over. He tackled the defendant to the ground. When the police arrived the grandson still had the defendant pinned to the floor.

"The grandson feared for the lives of himself and his grandmother. He describes himself as being absolutely terrified."

Mr Howes said that Koerner threatened his grandson saying that after the incident was all over he would find him and kill him.

The prosecutor said that as a result of the incident police removed all firearms and ammunition , which Koerner had held legally, from the property.

Mr Howes added "The defendant and his wife had known each other for 30 years and been married for 24 years. They moved to Boston 14 years ago. Cicely Koerner talks about the relationship being controlling and characterised by arguments.

"There is some suggestion she wanted both of them to go to Australia then she made her own arrangements. The defendant challenged her about going to Australia and it was a source of conflict between them."

Stephen Koerner, 68, of Hessle Avenue, Boston, admitted a charge of affray arising out of the incident on 14 April this year. He was given a six month jail sentence suspended for two years.

Judge John Pini QC imposed a 10 year restraining order banning him from contact with Cicely Koerner except for contacting her in relation to divorce proceedings. Koerner was also banned from contacting his grandson Joshua Betton for 10 years.

The judge told Koerner "That evening developed into an extremely unpleasant situation. You were drunk and out of control."

David Eager, for Koerner, said "This was a terrible end to a lengthy marriage. He knows that what he did was wrong and he is not to behave in that way again."

Mr Eager said that Koerner was remanded in custody following his arrest on the day of the incident and has since spent five weeks in prison.