Drunk man gives ‘kindly cop’ a plonk on the conk

Court news.
Court news.

A trained chef punched a police officer on the nose while being given a lift home after he was found lying in the road drunk.

Antons Antosevskis, 19, of Elizabeth Road, Boston, pleaded guilty at Boston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday to assaulting a constable in the execution of their duty.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, told the court police were called to the junction of Argyle Street and Carlton Road at about 8.30pm on December 27, where they found the defendant lying in the road, ‘heavily intoxicated’.

Mr Todd said officers decided to give Antosevskis a lift home. While en route a police officer in the passenger seat turned to face Antosevskis, who had woken up and ‘mumbled something’, only then to be punched on the nose by the defendant, Mr Todd said.

After Antosevskis then lunged forward, the officer used a ‘distraction strike’ against him, Mr Todd said, which in this case was “punching the defendant on the nose in return”, he added.

In mitigation, Gordon Holt said Antosevskis, who trained as a chef in his native Latvia and is currently an agency worker, had been on a date ahead of the offence and the pair had ‘clearly drunk way too much’.

He stressed his client’s remorse and that the offence was out of character.

Antosevskis, who had no previous convictions, was fined £120, ordered to pay the £20 victim surcharge, £50 in compensation to the officer and £85 in costs.

District Judge Nick Stobart said: “The court always regards it as serious when somebody attacks a police officer when they are merely doing their duty and here they were acting with kindness, trying to help you.”