“Drunken bully” jailed for beating ex-girlfriend and breaking restraining order in Boston

Lincoln Crown Court.
Lincoln Crown Court.

A Boston man described as a “drunken bully” has been jailed after admitting to assaulting his former partner and breaching a restraining order.

Mark Teft was already on a restraining order banning him from contacting his ex when he approached her as she walked along Witham Bank towards the town centre.

David Webster, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court that the former partner agreed to walk with him but they stopped on the way and sat down on a bench where they discussed the break down of their relationship and Teft’s drink problem.

Mr Webster said “He became irritated and pushed her causing her to fall to the floor. He then delivered a kick to the ribs while she was on the ground.

“He then followed her to the Asda store and then to her home warning her not to tell the police or anyone else.”

Teft then accompanied his ex in a taxi to the Pilgrim Hospital where she was examined and found to have suffered soft tissue damage as a result of the incident.

The following month Teft was arrested again following an incident with his former partner in Boston Market Place.

Mr Webster said that Teft was abusive and threatening. He demanded to talk to his ex and threatened to put her through a shop window unless she talked to him.

Teft ,52, of Field Street, Boston, admitted two charges of breach of a restraining order together with common assault and assault by beating as a result of the incidents on 6 June and 5 July. He was jailed for 18 months.

Judge Michael Heath, passing sentence, told Teft “There has to be a custodial sentence because you have not learned and you acted as a drunken bully towards that unfortunate woman.

“If you continue to flagrantly disregard the restraining order you will receive longer and longer prison sentences. The answer is in your hands.”

Jeremy Janes, in mitigation, said his client had an alcohol dependency and in the past had shown he could stay away from his ex.

Mr Janes said that Teft is now in a relationship with a different woman.